le urban sinner

Rufus Omar Bartleby is a sinner. A citizen of the world {he likes to believe}. He used to work as a part-time whore and a full-time bullshitter in The Big Smoke in The Noodle Kingdom. He now lives in a tiny apartment in one of the cities in the Coconut Republic with ultra clean floor and he is loving it

Omar is a Scorpio. He never liked schools to begin with but lately he's been longing to come back and hit them books and sleep in lectures. He wishes he had loads and loads of dosh so he could go to places he'd been dreaming and drooling about. Like Antarctica for example. Or Buenos Aires. 

His interests include 

  • Trying his best not to burn down his box apartment. 
  • Cleaning his floor
  • Chow Mian. 
  • Coffee. 
  • Green Tea. 
  • Yoga. 
  • CLimbing Walls. 
  • Supporting Piracy {there's a disclaimer here somewhere}. 
  • Trying his best to quit smoking {he's down to a pack a day now}. 
  • Watching other people drool. 
  • Transcendental Masturbation.  
  • Dancing naked to 80's songs. 
  • Missing his bathtub in China. 
  • Experimenting with pasta. 
  • Making up stories in his head. 
  • Googling every new word that he encounters. 
  • Reading literature in soupcans, medicine boxes, detergents, beer and wine bottles, tshirts, soaps, shampoos, candybars, milk cartons, sausages, instant noodles and the whole blah blah yadi yadda. 

He has really nothing to say. You just don't get to know someone by reading from a couple of paragraphs of likes and dislikes and shit like that and a copy of the lyrics of a favorite song. You have to spend the most valuable possession you have to get to know someone. TIME. So instead of making something up and trying to be a witty sophisticated ass which he is not, Omar would rather prefer to make this statement: 

"Life is way too short to be mulling over things, this i realize. so i have to make the most of my time and do as much as i can before some deity, entity or chaos theory or whatever shit you may call it decides to pull the plug on me"