Tuesday, January 20

I can feel the sun orredy.

Waiting for my flight.   Been a long while since I posted somethin here.  Beijing Capital Airport  is makin me so hard right now that I couldn't sit still on my swivel chair. 

I can't wait to go to the Coconut Republic. Like feel the sun on me and get a wiff of that Manila Carbon Emissions.  Yum.

Too bad I won't be able to see Obama's inauguration.  It's supposed to be a big thing. Well, it is a BIG THING.  History in the fucking making.  The first ever Hawaiian President, I mean, who could beat that.  I wonder if there would be Hawaiians present there.  I hope Obama doesn't fart during his swearing in ceremony.  Well, I actually hope he does; that way people would actually realize he is human after all and not some Christ/Krishna/Simba figure head. Still sucks that I don't get to watch the inauguration.

I suddenly have the urtge to take a huge dump now.  I love airport Johns.  They're so clean and pristine and holy.  No wonder some senators can't help but cruise in them.

Friday, January 9

i cannot sleep

seriously.  ive been tossing like scrambled eggs. and i seriously cannot sleep.