Saturday, May 3

It's 9.30 am...

... and I am awake. I have only slept for barely four hours but I feel fucking great.
I rarely get days like this {they probably come in trickles in one's lifetime} and when I actually do get them {like today}, I celebrate it like there's no tomorrow. I'm more of a what happens tomorrow kind of guy. But today is just NOW for me.

Thursday, May 1

thought for the day

I could never stop bullets from hitting me.


I just realized that I say "yo" a lot recently, not only in blogging but in real life conversations. It's Wendy's and Davin's fault {suuuuuuuure, go blamin' other people for yer own shortcummings}. Wendy and Davin say yo like it's the new gospel of the new millennium or something and it kinda rubbed off on me. They'd be saying it like this:

1. What's up, yo.
2. Nice duds, yo.
3. Yo00000, dude............
4. Alls I'm sayin is......... , yo
5. We're not laughin' at you, yo.... We're laughin with you
6. Yo, yo, yo!
7. The computer's not workin, yo.
8. S'all good, yo.

Now I'm saying "yo" more than them. It's becoming chronic, yo. {*slaps himself}. I think I'm becoming a yomoseskwell. This is not good. There are thousands, if not millions of yomophobics out there who'd beat the crap outta my brown scrawny ass if they here me say "yo". This is not kewl, yo. Waaaaay unkewl.

Why can't the world just be accepting of yomo's? If the world would be like that, just accepting and embracing people's differences and celebrating them, fuuuuck the world would be such a better place and I'd prolly cum all over myself.