Wednesday, May 31

crazy China {some pics Jenya and I took during the may hoLidays when we went to a nature reserve to loaf around and eat chips}


just read the signboard, and you'll get my drift.


mad about chips!


jenya relaxing


Omar relaxing


can ya do this? huh? huh? huh? can ya? can ya? CAN YA!?!?!?!?!?!


ok i admit, the last comment was a wee bit retarded. but it was really kewl being strapped in one of these things. waaaaay better than the missionary position, i tell you.


paying homage to one dead chinese dude{tte}.


no smoking in public nature reserves. my bad, i know. i wont do it again.


russian gladiator{sky}. was too chicken shit of a wuss to try it.


le public toilet. this is how we do it here in the noodle kingdom.


bambi's bottom. this ain't disney no more, folks.

with bambi's bottom i bid farewell folks. its been fun, wanted to upload more pics but i don't have enough diskspace in my account to upload more pictures of digital in nature. sigh, the plight of free accounts.

Sunday, May 28

Confessions of an Insomniac Part XI

sometimes i think i'm sick in the head. that i have this acute schizophrenia that doesn't seem to mind being submerged in my thoughts, swimming, gasping for air from time to time. when i run it it becomes less real or it just sleeps. but in quiet moments it reveals itself, almost tangible. the other day, a five year old boy hugged me and told me i was interesting - his exact words. am i? maybe i am. if he only knew.