Wednesday, April 18

in rememberance

to the 32 people who died in the virginia tech shootings. and to the lone gunman who shot himself after killing them and wounding many others.

Monday, April 16


I am rather pissed right now. I don't want to elaborate but today has been one helluva mind toxic day.

Wednesday, April 4


I didn't realize that it was already the Holy Week not until I saw the articles in a news website that I was browsing. Damn, it's the Holy Week, the culmination of the Lenten Season. For the non-Catholics out there, well the Holy Week is a week long celebration {if you can call it that} of the passion of Jesus Christ. For us Catholics, it's actually the time for fasting, recalling our shortcomings {aka SINFUL WAYS} and asking for forgiveness, forgiving others and most of all S&M. S&M baby! Yes people. A good number of the people in my Coconut Republic do like to flog themselves and crucify themselves on a Good Friday just to atone for their sins.

Ya hav'ta hand it to the Catholic Church and Catholics when it comes to celebrating their kinks. Us Catholics cannot just do it, ya know. There must be a reason. It used to be really prevalent back when i was a wee little kid but now you have to go to certain areas in the metro just to witness it. I kinda miss it though. I dunno about you but i just get one helluva kick in me groins seeing a man {or woman} in a loincloth being beaten and flogged then crucified then left to die under the sun to be eaten by vultures... {serious face*}

Whatev. I just miss the old days. I'm getting nostalgic again, ain't I? Well I can't help it. It's already summer in the Coconut Republic and it's still snowing here! yep, it snowed yesterday and then the sun shone then it snowed again then the sun shone then it snowed again and again and again and fuckin' again...

Oh yeah, I'm still sick {i think its malignant already, me respiratory system...}. One good thing that this cold / flu did to me was that it made me stop smoking {well, at least for a while, that is}. I've been nicotine free for over a week now. but I think I'm getting better. Well at least I ain't hacking blood and green gooey stuff now. I still feel bad coz its summer THERE and its still winter here damnit! I really wanna wear flip flops soooo bad. and shorts. and t shirts. and my Cuban hat that's made in China.

Enough about me I wanna talk about me friends. ok. I ain't naming names, but a lotta me friends are into breaking up these days. Wait, lemme count them..... {Omar stops to count}.... about 4 of 'em are breaking or have already broken up. I dunno people, but is April the United Nations appointed Break Up Month? Really. I have'ta admit that I'm kinda disappointed. I was expecting wedding bells with at least two of the couples {free food with the complimentary gift bag}. But hey, life's like reality TV - full of, well REALITY - minus the cheap make up and the bad lighting.

By the way, I've been playing parent for the last coupla days. I don't wanna go into details but lemme tell you, parenting is such a hard job! Especially if yer parenting a 16 year old Russian teenager. I couldn't remember if my mother had to constantly remind me every five minutes to take baths, do my homework, do my chores and not ask a shit load of questions. Ahhh to be 16 again and not care about personal hygiene and the human condition. bliss.